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European Management




The graduate students acquire knowledge and skills in the field of leadership, both in civic and business spheres, with particular emphasis on the Polish and Ukrainian specificity. The studies curriculum includes practical issues in the field of: work organization in business (with the emphasis on an employee’s specificity from the Eastern Partnership countries), human resource management in Polish-Ukrainian work environments, supplemented with elements of communication and social psychology. Historical and theoretical courses serve as an introduction to workshops and practical courses. The courses are conducted by academic lecturers, including specialists in Polish-Ukrainian relations, but also by Poles and Ukrainians who have been working in Poland for years. It is worth emphasizing that the studies are a source of knowledge about the conditions, challenges, but also opportunities related to the development of a student’s career. Thus, the graduate is prepared to work (at various levels) in business, central and local government administration, and in various areas of activity of civic communities in the conditions of Polish-Ukrainian cooperation within the European Community.
These are the first postgraduate studies in Poland aimed directly at the development of management staff within the framework of bilateral cooperation.


First of all, the knowledge gained by the students during the Postgraduate Studies in European Management will allow not only for increasing the efficiency of work in an international environment, but will also bring the graduates closer to the European environment. The knowledge acquired by the students is not only an academic theoretical base, but also practice and experience passed on by people who are successful in companies operating in Poland, but also boast international background. This experience will allow the employees not only to acquire knowledge, but also to apply it in the future in their workplace. The certificate of graduation from the Polish state Pedagogical University obtained by the employee emphasizes the reliability and international reputation of the organization. It proves the high care for the quality of the offered products and services. It facilitates gaining the trust of contractors by using proven and recognizable business standards in Europe. An organization can achieve even greater benefits by assigning a group of employees to the Postgraduate Studies in European Management. After graduation, students will be prepared to work in an international environment, but they will also be ready to cooperate with partners from Central Europe – in particular from Poland. During the classes, thanks to joint problem solving and analysis of case studies, employees will raise the level of interpersonal skills, acquire knowledge and skills to perform various roles in the organization.

Planned dates of the classes:

8-10.10.2021 22-24.10.2021 5-7.11.2021
19-21.11.2021 10-12.12.2021 4-6.03.2022
18-20.03.2022 1-3.04.2022 22-24.04.2022



Semester I

  • History of Central and Eastern Europe (in English)
  • Internet as a communication and marketing tool (in English)
  • Civil society (in English)
  • Human Resources management (in Ukrainian)
  • Basics of Negotiation and Mediation (in English)
  • Feedback culture. Why is it so important in management (in Ukrainian)
  • Public administration in European countries (in English)
  • Management in the organization (in English)

Semester II

  • Small business in Poland – good practice (in Ukrainian)
  • People development and competencies profile (in Ukrainian)
  • Branding strategy (in English)
  • Social Psychology (in Ukrainian)
  • The practical dimension of running a business / Startup (in English)
  • Poland – Ukraine main culture differences (in Ukrainian)
  • Optimization of business processes on the example of the Kaizen tool (in English)


The studies are addressed to people with higher education at the bachelor, engineering or master level, who work in private sector, government, local government and non-governmental organizations, as well as to people who want to connect their professional future with international cooperation in Central Europe. The graduate is prepared to work at various levels, especially in international companies.
Knowledge of Ukrainian and English at a communicative level (B2) is required.



• Application (the document will be generated after online registration at:  rejestracyjny on-line
• Application survey (the document will be generated after online registration at:  rejestracyjny on-line
• Agreement on the conditions of tuition fees (the document will be generated after online registration at:  rejestracyjny on-line
• Diploma / copy of the diploma / university graduation (photocopy, original available for remote viewing during the first class) – sent by email.
• A photograph
• Recruitment fee (the fee is PLN 85 (EUR 20)*,
Account number for recruitment fee payments in PLN: 34 1240 2294 1111 0010 9051 7096
Account number for recruitment fee payments in euros: 78124047221978000048516422
Bank PEKAO S.A. Oddział w Krakowie ul. Szpitalna 15 31-024 Kraków
Title: recruitment fee (candidate number) (name and surname) (field of study)

*1.The candidate shall pay the fee to the account indicated by the University in Polish zlotys (PLN) or converted amount into euro (EUR) according to the average EUR exchange rate of the National Bank of Poland applicable on the (working) day preceding the payment date.
2.If the fee is paid in Euro (EUR), the converted amount shall be rounded down to the nearest whole Euro (EUR) in favor of the candidate.
Deadline for submitting documents
2021-06-01 - 2021-09-30
Planned start date
Duration of studies
2 semesters
Place for submitting documents:
Place for submitting documents: Documents should be sent to the following address: Uniwersytet Pedagogiczny, ul. Podchorążych 2, 30-084 Kraków; with a note: postgraduate studies (we prefer the postal shipping option "with acknowledgment of receipt").
Place of classes:
Classes will be held at: The Pedagogical University of Krakow (in the academic year 2021/2022, classes will be conducted only remotely).
Step by step recruitment


Select postgraduate studies from the current offer.

Fill out the on-line registration form. Use standard fonts. Check the data before approving.

Print and sign the generated documents: questionnaire, application and agreement on the conditions of payment for postgraduate studies. The signature confirms the compliance of the personal data.

Complete the documents:

Questionnaire, application and contract (2 copies of the contract)

Higher education diploma (photocopy *)

ID photos

Proof of payment of the enrollment fee

Other required documents (details on the website of selected postgraduate studies)

Send the documents by post to the following address: Uniwersytet Pedagogiczny w Krakowie, ul. Podchorążych 2, 30-084 Kraków, Poland; with the annotation: POSTGRADUATE STUDIES

Confirmation of admission to postgraduate studies. The order of submitting documents and the result of the qualification procedure decide about admission to postgraduate studies. You will receive information at the e-mail address provided in the recruitment form.

Signing the contract and paying the fee. The condition to start studying (after admission to studies) is the payment of the tuition fee (payment in four equal installments). Payment should be made to the individual account of the participants.

Do you have any questions? write: rekrutacja.podyplomowe@up.krakow.pl or call the Recruitment and Internship Department – Recruitment Section.


Recruitment fee


Tuition - fee for the semester:

PLN 1380 (EUR 300)*

Installment dates

I rata – do 31 października 2022 r.,
II rata – do 30 listopada 2022 r.,
III rata – do 15 marca 2023 r.,
IV rata – do 28 kwietnia 2023 r.

Tuition – fee per semester: PLN 1380 (EUR 300)*.
(The studies consist of two semesters)

Payment in installments as an option.


*1.The candidate shall pay the fee to the account indicated by the University in Polish zlotys (PLN) or converted amount into euro (EUR) according to the average EUR exchange rate of the National Bank of Poland applicable on the (working) day preceding the payment date.
2.If the fee is paid in Euro (EUR), the converted amount shall be rounded down to the nearest whole Euro (EUR) in favor of the candidate.


Dr. Mateusz Kamionka - Doctor of Social Sciences, assistant professor at the Institute of Political Sciences and Administration, specializing in the post-Soviet ar
Dr. Mateusz Kamionka
Head of Studies
Dr. Łukasz Stach - Doctor of Humanities, political scientist, specialization: international politics. Assistant professor at the Institute of Political Sciences and Administration.
Dr. Łukasz Stach
dr Barbara Węglarz - Doctor of Humanities in the field of political science, assistant professor (Department of International Relations and Area Studies). A graduate of political science and Russian philology.
dr Barbara Węglarz
Dr. Paulina Szyja - Doctor of Economic Sciences, assistant professor at the Department of Economics and Economic Policy.
Dr. Paulina Szyja
Szymon Krzysiak, M.Sc.- Senior Strategy Planner in an advertising agency.
Szymon Krzysiak, M.Sc.
Nadya Yurova, MA - NGO activist, trainer of non-formal education, specialist in team management.
Nadya Yurova, MA
Olha Kamionka, MA- HR business partner in an international production company.
Olha Kamionka, MA

The high quality of education is ensured by a carefully selected team of experienced practitioners and recognized theoreticians as well as carefully prepared curricula and teaching methods. Postgraduate studies last two semesters, classes are held in the form of remote Saturday and Sunday meetings. Our lecturers are available every day to consult (e-mail) matters related to didactics. Postgraduate studies mean a high level of education, programs meeting the needs of employers and lecturers with extensive practical experience.

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    Sekcja ds. Rekrutacji

    ul. Podchorążych 2, 30-084 Kraków

    pokój 53, parter;

    e-mail: rekrutacja.podyplomowe@up.krakow.pl;

    tel. 12 662 74 80

  • Organizer of studies

    Instytut Nauk o Polityce i Administracji
    Kraków, ul. Podchorążych 2, pokój 236
    e-mail: ip@up.krakow.pl
    phone: 12 662 64 46
    Head of Studies – Dr. Mateusz Kamionka
    e-mail: mateusz.kamionka@up.krakow.pl